Leonardo Trincabelli


Leo absorbed the African heritage which was alive in the culture of his native Uruguay when he was a child.
Later on he moved to Barcelona where he found the Hang, a new instrument created in 2000, and he spent more than 10 years specializing in its technique.

He has researched different musical cultures such as Flamenco, Brazilian, African, and Hindu, as well as investigating other sounds and instruments such as the Ngoni from Mali and the Mbira from Mozambique.

Some highlights in his career are his solo albums featuring a large number of artists from around the world, three albums with different bands and three experimental works on the Hang, besides having collaborations for several documentaries of international renown.

He defines himself as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, self-taught musician, in an endless search for new musical cultures and new sounds and instruments.

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Bandarra Street Orkestra


Bandarra Street Orkestra is a musical collective based in Tarragona. It is one of the most ambitious musical projects in Catalonia, combining the Charanga brass band, with the Brazilian percussion “Batucada” and street theatre, with a direct interaction with the public, making it an explosively fun cocktail.

From their debut in 2006 up to 2011 they carried out well over 300 performances of their show “Jaleo, Patilla i Freestyle”.

In 2012 a major shift promoted the band with a new performance named “Bandarrâtrofe Sonora Original”, with over 130 public performances in just two years, touring throughout Catalonia, Aragon, Basque Country, Andorra, France and Germany.

Their highly curated performance and production, both in the streets and on stage, resulted in two major awards at a European level in Germany and Spain.

Rising up the heat on the streets of Montblanc, Bandarra Street Orkestra added a fun spicy element of joy to the Market Fair organized by the Xicoria Community.

The Orkestra with their charm and lively music, brought the public through the streets from the market place to the dining hall for the mid-day “comida” inside the old church.

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